Dominic Thiem: I'M Constantly Thinking Of A Life Beyond Tennis

I am constantly thinking about a life beyond tennis.

Dominic Thiem, 29, admits that he is thinking about life beyond tennis as he is well aware that he is slowly entering the final stage of his career. Thiem, who turned professional in 2011, is one of the standout players of his generation, but the past few years have not been easy for the Austrian.

«I constantly think about a life beyond tennis. I think tennis was, for a long time, the only part of my life, which is good in a way, but if you get older it’s not good anymore, you need a life more Beyond tennis, you need other thoughts in your head, other things to do and the time off due to injury and the difficult time to come back helped me in those terms and I’m very happy about that.» Thiem said in the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast.

Thiem hasn’t had it easy since winning his first Grand Slam

At the 2020 US Open, Thiem finally made his Grand Slam breakthrough and became a Major champion. Two and a half years have passed since Thiem’s ​​US Open victory and he hasn’t won a title since.

In June 2021, Thiem suffered a wrist injury that sidelined him for the next 10 months. Thiem, who returned to tennis in March 2022, is now ranked 97th in the world and is no longer one of the best players in the game.

Last week, Thiem suffered another loss after losing to Thiago Monteiro in the first round in Rio de Janeiro. With that loss, Thiem’s ​​2023 record dropped to 1-5. After the loss to Monteiro, Thiem made an interesting comment.

«I defined myself only by results for a long time, which is not mentally healthy. I am going to give my best in every match, what will happen I cannot predict.» Thiem said after his departure from Rio de Janeiro. This week, Thiem competes on the clay courts of Santiago.

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