I admire Lionel Messi and I respect him a lot.

Novak Djokovic described Lionel Messi as a great role model and revealed that he absolutely enjoyed the World Cup final in Qatar. On Sunday, Argentina defeated France after a penalty shootout in an impressive final. Messi scored a total of three goals, one in regulation time, one in extra time and one during the penalty shootout.

By winning the World Cup, Messi’s resume now includes everything possible. “I was very lucky to be there. For many, it is the best World Cup final in history. What an outstanding finish, the way they won it, the way they were received at home,» Djokovic said, according to tennis.com.

Djokovic praises Messi

“As a sports fan, as a football fan, of course I admire Messi and I respect him a lot. I think most of the world is happy with his achievement and what he has managed to do. He is a humble, down-to-earth guy who doesn’t get carried away by success.

All these years is something that I feel serves as a great example for all the kids who look up to him, want to be like him,» Djokovic explained. Shortly after Argentina defeated France in the World Cup final, Djokovic shared a congratulatory message to Argentina and Messi.

«Congratulations to Qatar for hosting the FIFA World Cup so successfully. It was an honor and a privilege to be present at the final match, which was one of the best football matches I have ever witnessed. Thank you for this spectacular experience!»

Congratulations Argentina,» Djokovic said. Meanwhile, Djokovic kicked off his preparation for the 2023 season at the World Tennis League this week in Dubai. After Dubai, Djokovic will fly to Australia for the start of the 2023 season.

Djokovic’s schedule for the start of the 2023 season includes appearances at the Adelaide International and the Australian Open. Entering the 2023 Australian Open, Djokovic is the number one seed for the title.

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