Hijikata Duckworth Challenger Burnie

Hijikata wins Burnie’s Challenger title

Australian tennis player Rinky Hijikata beat compatriot James Duckworth 6-3, 6-3 after 1h40m of the Challenger 75 final in Burnie. In this way, he left the second title of his career at this level.

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Rinky Hijikata He is going through his best moments, with his amazing youth and wants to get into the Top 100. Last season he became the series champion. Playford challenger, got his first title in the category. In addition, he took the title in the series ITF M25 de Bakersfield and Calabasasand played the final M25 from Santo Domingo and Columbus. He also reached the semi-finals Challengers of Morelos and Columbus 2. 2023 started that year Adelaide, surpassed the quality of the first edition and fell short in the second. After being eliminated in the second round Australian Open in singles he won the trophy in doubles with Jason Kubler. He already won in Burnie Yusuke Takahashi, Blake Ellis, James McCabe and Yuta Shimizu to be a finalist.

James Duckworth He is a bit far from his best version, which found him in the Top 50 at the end of January 2022, as he was sidelined by hip surgery. His return was in May, from there his best result was the final Challenger de Cassisand the semi-finals Porto, Seoul and Yokkaichi Challengers. In addition, he made rooms Newport and San Diego ATP. In 2023, he played in the qualifiers Adelaide 1 y Australian Open without being able to pass them at the same time Nonthaburi 3 fell into another wheel. Already in Burnie, I cross Makoto Ochi, Jake Delaney, Philip Sekulic and Marc Polmans to be a finalist.

Hijikata climbs to the top of Burnie

Rinky Hijikata and James Duckworth They met in the grand final Challenger de Burnie.

The first set got off to a hectic start as Rinky was effective from the return and Duckworth returned the break but lost stability in the build-up. Strongly serving and pressing shots, Hijikata saved a break point and went ahead. 6-3 in 49 minutes.

The start to the second sleeve was much more even, as although they broke once per half, it allowed them to go into the sixth game more evenly. However, that’s where Duckworth threw in the towel, devastated and unable to do anything else. With prodigious talents and a completely loose hand to shoot winners, Hijikata established himself 6-3, 6-3 after 1h40min.

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