Greg Rusedski Shares Advice To Emma Raducanu After Win Over Serena Williams

Greg Rusedski Shares Advice With Emma Raducanu After Win Over Serena Williams

Greg Rusedski thought that Emma Raducanu’s tactics against Serena Williams were «very good» and that she should hire coach Dmitry Tursunov full-time. Raducanu first joined Tursunov two weeks ago in Washington, where she reached the quarterfinals before losing to Liudmila Samsonova.

This week in Cincinnati, Tursunov joined Raducanu for the second time. On Tuesday, Raducanu beat Serena Williams 6-4, 6-0 in her first match in Cincinnati. Rusedski feels Raducanu needs consistency and admits he would like to see the 19-year-old Tursunov sign a long-term deal.

Rusedski: I hope that Raducanu and Tursunov will stay together for a long period of time

«Actually, I’ve seen some improvements to his game,» Rusedski told Amazon Prime. “I really like the open serve on the two side to Serena’s forehand.

I thought his tactic was a good one, sitting a little further back on the return of serve to buy more time. I think there were a lot of positives there and he signed Dmitry Tursunov on a two-week trial. I’ve seen areas of his game that seem to be a bit better.

I just hope they stay together for a long time. It’s about consistency for Emma and if she gets the consistency, she’ll get back to where she was really threatening in tournaments and Slams.» This week in Cincinnati, Raducanu was asked about his trial with Tursunov.

Raducanu replied that he is taking more time to see certain things before making the final decision. “He is here, we are continuing the [coaching] trial,” Raducanu said this week. “Mostly, we just need to see how we work with each other, how we complement each other.

That’s it, I guess. It’s too soon to say that». Previously, Raducanu parted ways with coach Torben Beltz in April. Raducanu has had several manager changes over the past year and is now taking more time before deciding who to hire next.

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