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Greece easily ends the series against Bulgaria

Hellenes beat Bulgaria 4-1. Only Kuzmanov was able to win a duel against Pervolaraki. Tsitsipas and Sakkari played together on the mixed doubles point.

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Pervolarakis-Kuzmanov (1-6, 1-6)

After the win Sugarcane the previous Friday Tomova on United Cup Greece condemned the tie in accelerated fashion against Bulgaria. In the fourth duel, Pervolarakis and Kuzmanov met in the second match. This duel was unopposed and Dimitar Kuzmanov played at a high level and showed his superiority against Pervolarakis who showed a very low profile during the match and was never able to trouble his opponent. Dimitar was able to violently impose his law, and that is that in just over an hour he gave Bulgaria the first point with a 6-1 double with the mixed doubles still to be played, which could have pushed Bulgaria to even the score even further. the greeks.

Sakkari/Tsitsipas – Topalova/Andreev (6-4, 6-4)

In the mixed doubles, Greece’s two leaders met, Sakkari and Tsitsipas only Topalova and Andreev. The great favorites were the Greeks, who tried to increase the goal in a 4-1 draw.

A few minutes later the situation was already 3-0 on their side. Topalova and Andreev had started a little nervously and that’s what playing against Tsitsipas and Sakkar requires. The Hellenes were still highly motivated and focused on staying at the gates of the first round with a 5-1 win. Reaction from the Bulgarians, who after consecutive games narrowed to 4-5. Finally with your service The Greeks took the first set 6-4.

The Hellenes started again with a single march. Sakkari and Tsitsipas managed to make it 2-0 thanks to the break and his reinforcement. Problems came for the Bulgarians, and in the seventh game they had to go up two match points against. They did that and it gave them the confidence to tighten up the goal again, and that’s that they did again after four straight games, 4-5. Despite this, Sakkari and Tsitsipas resolved the doubts quickly and quickly a double 6-4 gave Greece their first win in the United Cup 4-1 against Bulgaria.

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