Llamas Gigante Challenger Tenerife

Gigante ends the llama trail in Tenerife

Pablo Llamas saw himself eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Challenger de Tenerife against Matteo Gigante with a 6-4, 6-2 win in an hour and 20 minutes.

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Paul Lamas Ruiz faced the third match, which corresponds to the new version of the Challenger tournament in the city Tenerife in early February 2023. He did so after making his debut in the men’s final draw, where he would have to face the Italian tennis player in the quarterfinals Matthew Giant. The Spaniard reached this round after beating fellow Spanish tennis player Carlos Taberner in his debut and Argentine tennis player Santiago Rodriguez Taverna in the round of 16.

It should be noted that he advanced in the round due to the withdrawal of two of his rivals, which is why he has collected 1h3min in both matches. The Italian tennis player entered this match for his part after defeating the Spanish Daniel Rincón in the first round and the Italian tennis player Francesco Passaro in the round of 18. Indoors against the head there were no precedents between the two playersso it would be first meeting it would be between both clubs.

Rain interrupts the game

The match started strongly for Pablo Llamas. The Spaniard got the first point of the match after an empty game. At this moment, Matteo Gigante leveled the match. After after ten minutes of meeting the rain would appear and would force sports activities to stop for the time being. In the end, it could not be continued on Friday and the game was postponed.

When the duel continued on Saturday, where it could be played without problems, the Italian managed to be much more. The Spaniard was unable to take advantage of the break points in the fourth game of the first set, which led to Matteo being able to make the difference in electronics immediately after. adding up all the following games.

In the second set, the transalp player opened up a gap quickly and had a chance to get a double break, but Pablo blocked it. Also, he could have given the event more emotion by making it 4-4, but in those final games that defined the game, the Italian was more decisive. Gigante was able to defeat Llamas at the Tenerife Challenger and this Saturday he will have to compete for a place in the final.

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