Genie Bouchard Becomes Soccer Club Fan, Puts On Official Kit

Genie Bouchard becomes a fan of the football club, puts on the official uniform

During her time in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for the Transylvanian Open, Bouchard became a fan of a Romanian soccer team called U (Universitatea) Cluj and even donned their official jersey. The athlete from Canada received as a gift an official U Cluj jersey, signed by all the players.

«Our newest fan! It was great to see you in Cluj,» U Cluj captioned the photo showing Bouchard wearing his uniform. Currently, U Cluj is in the 13th position in the Romanian Super League.

Bouchard calls the Romanians strange

In addition to drawing attention from the football team, Genie Bouchard delved into the culture of Romanians by causing laughter at the Transylvanian Open after discovering a characteristic Romanian idiomatic expression.

«What the hell? You’re so weird,» said Genie Bouchard after reading the English translation of the Romanian saying. The expression translates word for word in English as follows: «I’m getting drunk on cold water.»

The idiomatic phrase translated above is used in Romanian to tell someone not to celebrate too soon or not to get too excited because what they are looking for has not happened yet. Cluj-Napoca impressed Genie Bouchard.

After arriving in the city for the Transylvania Open, tennis star Genie Bouchard had the opportunity to explore the city dubbed «The Heart of Transylvania», and quickly developed an addiction. «We have just arrived in Romania and I am completely obsessed,» Bouchard said on Instagram.

Unfortunately for her, Bouchard’s trip to Romania was short. Former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard was forced to withdraw from her opening match against Ukraine’s Anhelina Kalinina at the WTA 250 Transylvania Open.

Bouchard called a medical timeout after Kalinina won the first set 6-3. Shortly after, the referee announced Bouchard’s withdrawal from the competition held in Cluj-Napoca.

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