Genie Bouchard Apologizes To Uber Driver After Creepy Interaction

Genie Bouchard apologizes to Uber driver after creepy interaction

Former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard has publicly apologized to one of her Uber drivers for her creepy text message. Bouchard shared the message she sent to her Uber driver, Todd, on Instagram. «I see you,» said Bouchard’s message to the driver.

«Why am I so creepy with my Uber drivers? My bad Todd,» Bouchard wrote on Instagram. Here’s another awkward moment involving Bouchard: Bouchard pines for the magazine photo choice after the swimsuit incident.

Bouchard is back in business

Genie Bouchard returned to the WTA tour at this year’s US Open, where she earned her first win after a long time on the sidelines.

Bouchard entered the US Open using a protected qualifying ticket According to Eugenie Bouchard, she entered the US Open using one of her protected qualifying tickets. “Due to my shoulder surgery, I have a limited number of Protected Classification (PR) entries.

As much as I love Wimbledon and skip it makes me sad, using a PR ticket at a tournament with no ranking points makes no sense. I must choose wisely and use my PR tickets in tournaments that will help me get back to where I want to be.

I am continuing my training/rehab and plan to compete again later this summer. I will now use my two Grand Slam PR tickets for the US Open and the Australian Open,” said Bouchard. Most recently, Bouchard played at the Korea Open, where she lost in the first round against Tatjana Maria (7-6, 7-6).

The Canadian player also announced her participation in the Transylvania Open, where Emma Raducanu and Grand Slam winner Barbora Krejcikova will also participate. Bouchard, however, will have to go through qualifications. Related: The 2022 US Open champion will compete at the Transylvania Open.

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