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Gauff: «I want to be number one in the world»

After going down for good in the quarterfinals of the Indian Wells tournament against Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus, the young American realized that she needs to improve her performance against other top 10 players if she wants to reach her big goal, the top of the WTA. ranking..

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A couple of days after graduation 19 strings, Cori Gauff said goodbye to the tournament Indian Wellssecond WTA of the season after 1,000 wins (6-4 v 6-0) for a Belarusian Aryna SabalenkaNo. 2 seed in the table, his sixth straight loss and on a fast track against tennis players Top 10.

A fact that always worries the ambitious Gauff. In Collected Statements espn sports, the current number six The WTA ranked player stated that her main goal is to become world number one at some point in her career, and she is not satisfied with being among the top ten tennis players. For this Delray Beach He delved into the aspects he needs to improve in order to break his losing streak against top teams, including better decision-making in key moments of matches.

Ambition to reach number one

«I don’t want to just stay in the top ten, I want to be the best«.

More success in small details

«I need to improve in matches against top level players. i just think I have to take care of the details because ultimately that’s what really matters when you’re playing against these types of players. They know how to take advantage of it«.

Increase interaction with your team

«It definitely helps that my team can talk to me, although sometimes they don’t give you the answer you want. It’s not your fault».

Waiting for Miami

«I’m glad it’s the next tournament, I await its arrival«.

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