Gaston Dura Sanción Madrid

Gaston is severely punished in Madrid

As confirmed by L’Équipe, France’s Hugo Gaston, a former world Top 60 and Buenos Aires Youth Olympic champion, has been severely penalized for throwing the ball into the field to stop and restart.

Before Roland Garros, one of the most important stops on the circuit, there are still unexpected situations from previous tournaments. No doubt this was very costly to him, and not because of his attitude. According to a French newspaper, the tennis player has been fined €133,000 (US$144,000) for unsportsmanlike conduct. Financially, it is one of the harshest punishments the ATP has received in its entire history.

Financial sanction for Hugo Gaston

In addition to the bad season, Hugo Gaston’s indiscipline adds. The event happened during segunda Ronda del Mutua Madrid Open. The Frenchman faced Borna Coric, who led 5-3 in the first set. In the ninth game, Gaston’s serve, but set point in favor of the Croatian, he decided to resort to controversy.

He deliberately dropped the ball from his pocket during a point so the referee could replay it. Anyway, this didn’t help him as he went down 6-3, 6-3. Despite receiving a warning last year, the 22-year-old did it again and the ATP didn’t like it, punishing him heavily. This year, the Frenchman managed to collect $121,712, which is much less than what he has to pay.

In addition, if this violation is committed again in the season, it will increase to 100%. No doubt this will make him think twice about behaving like this again.

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