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Fritz beat Lehecka at the start of the United Cup

Taylor Fritz won the duel against Jiri Lehecka in straight sets (6-3, 6-4) in the United Cup extension in the first match of the United States-Czech Republic tie.

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The first official match of the 2023 season, despite the previous calendar year not having ended, and in this case the debut of the United Cup. The United States and the Czech Republic open the contest at the start of Group C, in the city of Sydney. Taylor Fritz starts the year in the Top 10, finishing last season’s ATP Tokyo champion and Nitto ATP Finals semifinals. For him Use Lehecka He also scored well into 2022, sitting in the Top 100 and a finalist in the Next Generation ATP Finals.

Fritz gives his team the first lead

The best possible start for Fritz, who made a simple break in the second game to take the lead on the scoreboard. Although Lehecka was gradually gaining a better feel, firmly at the base of the field, the American did not leave much room for recovery. Taylor ended the first set 6-3.

The duel was already more even for the second set, and Lehecka started with a chance for a quick break, but failed to make it happen. The same would happen four games later, but the Czech was unable to translate that rise in numbers numerically, and with top-class players, that’s always going to be very expensive. This case would be no exception, and after a long ninth game of this set, the American grabbed a crucial break to go 5-4 up and on the verge of victory. In the end, Fritz sealed the victory with a final 6-4, giving the Yankees the first point in the tie against the Czechs in Sydney.

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