French Coach Praises Novak Djokovic For How He Treats Young Players

French coach praises Novak Djokovic for how he treats young players

Former French tennis player Stephane Robert praised Novak Djokovic because he says that the Serb is always ready to give advice and even help financially promising players. Robert, who now works as a tennis coach, came to the Novak Tennis Center in Belgrade.

“Here it is serious but in a friendly environment! Novak Djokovic is really interested. He does not hesitate to often give advice to young people. He is very, very caring and very involved, he also helps up-and-coming players financially, from the heart,» Robert told We Love Tennis.

«There are no problems here and we work well. The structure is top-notch. Djokovic gave free access to all Serbian players, but also to neighboring countries.»

Robert praises Djokovic

Hamad Medjedovic is one of the most promising and talented Serbian players.

In a recent interview with Sportal, Eldin Medjedovic, Hamad’s father, revealed that Djokovic offered the blueprint for the 19-year-old’s next steps in development. When Medjedovic’s father acknowledged that he costs a lot of money, Djokovic said that he would bear all the costs.

Hamad Medjedovic was speechless after Djokovic’s extremely generous gesture. «Novak is really trying to help Hamad,» Eldin Medjedovic told Sportal. “He was giving me ideas, what to do with Hamad, and I remember telling him: ‘Nole, I’m sorry, but everything costs money!’ He goes on, suggests a coach to me, talks about how we’re going to do it, what we’re going to do, and adds: ‘It’s Hamad’s turn to coach, I’ll do the rest!’ I tell him again: ‘Nole, it costs money!’ Then Novak told me: ‘Edo, I’m not doing this for money!

I have a place to earn money. Just my role and my task is to help.» This week, Medjedovic revealed that Djokovic often texts him and asks if he needs anything. Medjedovic said he is just happy and blessed to have one of the best players ever. the times as his mentor.

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