Struggling Former World No 1 Garbine Muguruza Set To Exit Top-100

Former world number 1 wrestler Garbine Muguruza prepares to break out of the top 100

Former world number 1 Garbine Muguruza will leave the top 100 this month. Muguruza, who first peaked at No. 1 in the world in 2017, is currently ranked No. 83 in the world. After beginning the season with an 0-4 record, Muguruza withdrew late from this week’s WTA event in Abu Dhabi due to personal reasons.

Shortly after withdrawing from Abu Dhabi, Muguruza also withdrew from a WTA 500 event in Doha and a WTA 1000 event in Dubai, where she was scheduled to play in the ranking events. Last year, Muguruza reached the quarterfinals in Doha and the round of 16 in Dubai, respectively.

Since he won’t defend those points, Muguruza will soon drop out of the top-100.

Muguruza in his bad streak

At the end of 2021, Muguruza won the WTA Finals and she was looking very strong for 2022. But since winning the 2021 WTA Finals, Muguruza has been struggling a lot with her form and results.

Muguruza recently said that he has to be humble and keep things simple. “I’ve had so many moments in my career where I’ve been that high and other moments where I haven’t been that high. It’s a process of trying to get back up there.

Now I am focusing on training hard and being humble. You have to know that you may not have been as successful recently as in other years, but that’s okay because things can change very quickly. With tennis, one week can go wrong, then the next week can go right, then everything changes again.

I think the experience helps me stay calm in the not-so-good moments when I haven’t been playing as well or the results haven’t followed through. I feel like this year is more about keeping calm and being simpler. Last year I put myself under a lot of pressure, telling myself that I have to continue to be on top all the time.

That definitely didn’t help me, and it was a bit difficult. This year, yes, qualifying is important, I’ve been in every possible classification, but that’s not my priority anymore. Now it’s about enjoying my time on the pitch and taking the trophies home, then we’ll see what the ranking is,» said Muguruza.

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