Former World No.1 Reflects On Novak Djokovic'S Season

Former world No. 1 reflects on Novak Djokovic’s season

When tennis players of the caliber of Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev cross paths, the match is sure to hold some surprises. How can we forget the final of the US Open, the challenge of the broken dream of the Serb, who strangely succumbed to the overwhelming pressure.

The two recently met again at another storied venue, the Nitto ATP Finals. The match was worth «little» in terms of qualifying for the semifinals (Medvedev already had two losses in the round), but in terms of emotions, the two champions did not lose anything.

In the end, Djokovic prevailed, but only after repeated setbacks. He needed the third set tie-break to decide it. However, despite witnessing a shaky performance from the Belgrade player, former world number 1 and now Eurosport commentator Mats Wilander had nothing but praise for Novak Djokovic, describing him as «a physical and emotional beast».

During a chat with Eurosport, the channel for which he works, Mats Wilander praised Novak Djokovic, champion of the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin for the sixth time in his career: «Now there is more drama in professional tennis, and emotional drama is what that draws people to the screen in general.

So I like it,» Wilander said. «Djokovic has to deal with the stares of millions of people all the time, except during a match where it’s just him and one other person. He is exchanging with that person, and this exchange includes his emotions, his thoughts, and his physical state.

So he got nothing special except the guy is an absolute beast physically and emotionally he is also an animal on the tennis court. It’s fantastic.» Wilander himself then reviewed Novak Djokovic’s season, also stating that his career will last one or two more years: «Novak Djokovic has had to give up the Australian Open and the US Open this year, what which is a great shame for him and for tennis in general.»

Ferrero opens up about Djokovic

Novak Djokovic’s spotty season in 2022 certainly helped Carlos Alcaraz’s rise to the top. «Carlos and I were talking that we are happy to see Novak there because if you want to win the Australian Open you have to win against the best and of course that’s good news,» Ferrero told Eurosport.

«I think that for Carlos to improve his tennis he needs to play against one of the best in history. Of course Rafa (Nadal) is there to play against him and Novak, we need him. In Madrid, Carlos played against Novak and he increased his level to try to win the match, so that’s what we need, to play in the Slams against him, I think it’s very important that Carlos improves,» added the Spanish coach.

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