Ex-Major Champion Predicts 'Low-Key' Venus Williams Will Also Retire After Us Open

Former Major champion predicts ‘low-key’ Venus Williams will also retire after US Open

Former six-time Grand Slam doubles champion Rennae Stubbs believes there is a good chance Venus Williams will follow Serena Williams and finish her career after this year’s US Open. Serena, 40, is playing the last tournament of her career at Flushing Meadows.

Venus, who was also out for a year before returning to action this summer in Washington, has made no announcement about her upcoming US Open campaign. «I think I’d be very surprised if Venus Williams doesn’t retire as well at the US Open,» Stubbs said on the Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast, via Sportskeeda.

Stubbs: Venus Williams is discreet

«It will be interesting to see what Venus does now because I just can’t see one playing without the other,» Stubbs added. «So Venus, of course, as always very low-key, Venus will probably finish the last match and say, yes, by the way, that’s it.

Like, you know, that kind of personality. You know, as I can see, Venus says ‘Yeah, bye’. That is all. I’m done.'» The US Open has yet to start, but it’s safe to say that this year’s edition of the tournament will be marked by the end of Williams’ career there.

«That’s going to be the hottest ticket in sports, you know, seeing Serena Williams play her last game. I mean, good luck getting a ticket to that game. Nothing would make me happier to see her win a lot of games in the US.» . Open because I think it would be absolutely crazy,» Stubbs said.

«New York has probably never been louder for the US Open. It’s never been louder and more enthusiastic to see a female tennis player than this year, you know, with Serena Williams retiring.» This week, Stubbs was seen on the practice court with Serena. It seems that Serena Williams has added Stubbs to her team for the last tournament of her career.

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