Ex-Australian Dc Captain Identifies Key To Nick Kyrgios' Great 2022 Season

Former DC Aussie captain identifies key to Nick Kyrgios’ breakout 2022 season

Former Australian Davis Cup team captain Wally Masur feels Nick Kyrgios’s appetite increased after winning the Australian Open men’s doubles title and that set him up for a big 2022 season. At the start of this season, Kyrgios became a Grand Slam champion after he and Thanasi Kokkinakis won the Australian Open men’s doubles title.

After winning a Grand Slam doubles title, Kyrgios made his first Grand Slam singles final at Wimbledon. In the Wimbledon final, Kyrgios fell short against Novak Djokovic in four sets, but was not embarrassed by his performance.

“I said to Nick, ‘dude, well done, you’re a Grand Slam champion.’ He sheepishly said, ‘yeah, they’re just doubles.’ Winning that whetted his appetite for more. [After] Covid and a separation for the tour, he was realizing what he had missed.

And boy, did he turn it on at Wimbledon. He really encouraged me not only the result, but also the way he was playing. We saw all the skill from him, the full repertoire was there.”

Masur: Kyrgios has become a good mentor

“Nick has been living in Sydney and two days later [after the Australian Open]he was on the court with a young Australian player James McCabe.

He spends time with them, talks tennis with them, encourages them and is a very good mentor to a lot of these kids that are coming through,» added Masur. 27-year-old Kyrgios has been playing the tennis of his life this year.

Throughout the entire season, Kyrgios has been focused and totally committed to the game. Kyrgios has won one singles this year and has had several deep runs in other tournaments as well. This season, Kyrgios has been making headlines for his tennis prowess.

John McEnroe, an American tennis legend, absolutely enjoyed Kyrgios’ run at Wimbledon and begged the Australian to maintain the same enthusiasm for the game beyond Wimbledon.

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