Venus Williams Advises Young Players: &Quot;Focus On Playing And Enjoying Life&Quot;

«Focus on playing and enjoying life»

For the younger generation it is of crucial importance to discuss with the more experienced ones. In the case of tennis, with those who have won practically everything and have lived the professional circuit since they were children. Therefore, who better than an icon like venus williams can serve as a beacon for the new generation? Responding to questions from fans in a live stream on the Instagram page of her clothing line, EleVen by Venus, the Slam champion felt she was giving the following advice to young tennis players facing media hype stemming from the sport they play: » Don’t read articles about yourself, don’t listen to comments on television or other media, and concentrate on playing and enjoying life.

Remember it’s just a game,” said American Venus Williams, who generously responded to questions from her supporters, including her advice to a 30-year-old woman who plays tennis occasionally: “Make your time on the court count.

Watch your favorite players’ matches on YouTube so you don’t lose your mind.»

Venus Williams: «Champions don’t give up halfway through»

Several times it has happened, in tennis but not only, to witness the gradual decline of a champion, either due to the numerous injuries that affect the progress of her career, or simply because of the passing of the years.

The first thought of the fans but also of the insiders themselves is always: «He would do well to retire instead of facing an inglorious end.» But the reality, according to Venus Williams, is that a champion never leaves things halfway and should decide to retire only when he considers it really appropriate: “Champions continue until they achieve the right result.

We don’t give up in the middle», declared the American forcefully. Finally, the 7-time Grand Slam champion added that she tries to rise to the occasion, knowing that the road ahead will not be easy: «I do not look for things easy.

I try to rise to the occasion. No matter how many times it takes.» Venus Williams, who was ranked No. 1 for 11 weeks in 2002, has now slipped to No. 1,025 in the WTA rankings. Her last appearance was at last month’s US Open, where she was honored by her younger sister Serena, who said, «There would be no Serena Williams without Venus,» during the 23-time Grand Slam winner’s retirement ceremony.

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