Physical Conditioning Specialist Warns Dominic Thiem Is Plotting Major Resurgence

Fitness Specialist Warns Dominic Thiem Is Planning A Big Resurgence

Fitness specialist Jez Green says Dominic Thiem is working hard and hopes the Austrian will be his old self for the foreseeable future. After 10 months out with a wrist injury, Thiem returned at the end of March.

Thiem is now ranked 132nd in the world as he has yet to rediscover his game that once made him a Grand Slam contender and top 5 player. “Working with Dominic, someone who has already been to the top and is also a bit older, is an interesting project for me.

He’s had a really fun history with fitness, he never really did a structured fitness program because he worked with a coach who was a bit old school and did everything on the court. We have changed that. We have put science into his fitness program, something he has never done before,» Green wrote for Tennishead.

Green: Thiem can again be a threat to Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal

«I think soon we will start to see the real, complete, vintage Dominic Thiem. Now he needs to play matches and now he needs 25 top-level matches to get back to the top and I think he’s ready for that,» Green added. .

Thiem, a four-time Grand Slam finalist, stressed several times that he would withdraw if he felt he was not capable of reaching the Grand Slam final again. Green now warns that Nadal and Djokovic «won’t want to see Thiem in top form.»

«Dominic has been to two French Open finals, one final in Australia, and won the US Open, so he’s reached five finals. You still have to think that a Dominic with all the power on clay makes that the French Open is his number one chance, but I think all Slams are possible.

He is very fresh and has very good motivation. He may have five more years left in tennis, so he has a very good chance. Make no mistake, Novak and Rafa will not want to see a fully fit Dominic Thiem back!» Green concluded.

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