Belasteguín Baja Granada

Fernando Belasteguín is low in Granada

Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez are low in the World Padel Tour Granada Open 2023 tournament. Their losing streak in the circuit continues like this and there are already 3 tournaments they haven’t played so far this year.

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The world number 3 pair will not qualify for the Granada Open. Fernando Belasteguín himself announced it through his social networks: «The control ultrasound this morning before leaving for Granada showed that the large adductor strain from 14 days ago still hasn’t healed well. Really sad because I really wanted to race again and the feelings were good.«

The first year of the second phase of this couple does not go as expected. Semi-finals in Abu Dhabi and quarter-finals in La Rioja. Only two tournaments were played for the couple, who decided to fight for all the titles. Expect to see them again in Belgium. So many tournaments without playing in such an even level circle takes its toll on the rankings.

It carries an injury done in the gym in the abduction area, and although the sensations were good, as the player himself shows, the results have not been as expected. It’s the third straight tournament they’ve lost due to Pehuajó’s injury. After being low in Chile and Paraguay, Granada joins this list. Unlike previous tests, they are registered up to the last minute. Their opponents in the first round were Jon Sanz and Javi Garrido, who will go to the next round without playing a match.

Despite this news, the tournament has a high standard and high expectations to see how the new pairs will fare. Let’s see if they manage to avoid another title shot for Tapia and Coello, who look set to get it after losing their #1 and #3 faces.

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