Felix Auger-Aliassime On Holger Rune: &Quot;I'M Surprised&Quot;

Felix Auger-Aliassime on Holger Rune: «I’m surprised»

The triumphs in Florence, Antwerp and Basel, to which is now added the semifinal won at the Paris-Bercy Master 1000. In the last period of competitions, on indoor hard courts, Happy Auger-Too Without a doubt, he has proven to be among the most fit tennis players of the moment.

The Canadian also convinced him during the French competition, despite the fact that as seed number 8 he was unable to conquer the final due to a wild Holger Rune. The 22-year-old talent has definitely not played the best tennis of his, accepting defeat at the end of the challenge in the press conference.

He said: «I have to give him chances, he played a better game than mine. For me it was quite a tense start to my duty. I missed some easy direct hits that I wouldn’t normally miss. I always felt like I was fighting and not.

he never had an advantage during exchanges. He kept pressing me. So I deserve it for executing his game plan to the best of my ability.»

Felix Auger-Aliassime on Holger Rune: «I’m surprised»

Auger-Aliassime then analyzed: «In a way, it exposed the weaknesses in my game.

He played aggressively without fail. I have not seen or played with many players hitting so hard and deep. Throughout my career I have always tried to draw lessons from my failures. As I said recently during the US Open, I lost early, it was disappointing but I managed to turn it into something positive.

A long string of successes in a row is over but something really good is over. Starting next week I will focus my attention on Turin. I am surprised by his rise in the ranking. I knew he had many qualities. At his age I was in the top 100, even at 18, so we have a pretty similar adventure. He hasn’t been on tour much, hats off to him because he’s exceptional.»

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