Fabio Fognini Against Rafael Nadal: &Quot;I'Ll Try&Quot;

Fabio Fognini against Rafael Nadal: «I will try»

Fabio Fognini there was another game in US Open, of a very important importance and certainly greater than the debut. The Italian, two sets behind Aslan Karatsev, found the energy to react and win the match in the decisive fifth set.

A success that gave him a lot of morale, a fundamental ingredient to face the next match against Rafael Nadal. Fognini recounted the victory and the challenge to Rafa: «I’m happy, a two-way match but despite everything I managed to win it.

It’s always nice and I’m happy to have given myself another chance to play here in New York in the next few days. It will be very nice, although the last two years have been quite disappointing, because the results have not come and as a result I have won few challenges going down in the world ranking, I see it as a reward for me.

Fabio Fognini against Rafael Nadal: «I will try»

He then added: «These are the races that still keep me alive, also because I certainly like to play. Having a match against him will be difficult, maybe one or two players can be favorites at the moment.»

I am happy to be able to understand what my level is and also his. I will try to fight the best I can. The statistics are to knock them down, I don’t know if he was the first or the second to beat him in a Grand Slam tournament with two halves of disadvantage.

Obviously, having done it that magical night in New York was something that was still etched in my mind and in that of many Italians. It will be an uphill battle, I will try to play my cards right and complicate their game a bit.

I know him very well, I have won a few times and lost many times. In the end I am happy and unhappy to face it. Nadal said: «Difficult match. Fabio won a good challenge in his debut. We are in a Grand Slam and therefore each match hides pitfalls and is complicated.

Everyone plays tennis well, I always have to improve my level and play well. have a chance of victory against him. We’ll see how it goes. »

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