Eugenie Bouchard Reflects On Her Time Away From Tennis, Reveals Her Plans For Future

Eugenie Bouchard reflects on her time away from tennis and reveals her plans for the future

Eugenie Bouchard said that being on television was a nice experience, but that she prefers to be on the pitch rather than in the booth. Bouchard, 28, played the last tournament of his 2021 season in mid-March, in Monterrey. After Monterrey, Bouchard underwent shoulder surgery, the surgery that sidelined her for the next 17 months.

While recovering, Bouchard worked as a tennis pundit for the Tennis Channel. This August, Bouchard made his long-awaited return to tennis. On Tuesday, Bouchard notched her first WTA 1000 victory since 2019. In the first round of Guadalajara, Bouchard defeated Kayla Day 7-5 6-3.

Bouchard: I still want to play tennis for a few years

«I much prefer playing tennis. It was great to do a few different off-court activities while I was away. Honestly, being on live TV helped me fill that need for adrenaline that was missing while I was playing tennis.»

He countered it a bit. He made me challenge myself and take me out of my comfort zone. I’d rather be sweating on the pitch. I can always do that later in life. I still want to play tennis for a few years,» Bouchard said, according to Sportskeeda.

In Mexico, Bouchard is practically a fan favorite. After beating Day in his first match in Guadalajara, Bouchard took a moment to express his gratitude to his Mexican fans. «Yeah, I mean, like I said on court, I really feel the special support.

They are really passionate about tennis. I think I can speak for all players when I say that we love playing in front of people who appreciate what we do. The fans here definitely do. They are tennis fans and it’s a lot of fun,» Bouchard said.

Bouchard and Day were playing against each other for the second time. In 2019, Bouchard defeated Day in Newport Beach. For Bouchard, winning a match at the WTA 1000 level was certainly important to her confidence levels.

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