Etcheverry Cazaux Challenger Burdeos

Etcheverry supera at Cazaux in Bordeaux


The Argentine tennis player achieves his second important career victory in Bordeaux. Etcheverry manages to maintain a good rhythm throughout, ending up beating Arthur Cazaux in straight sets (7-6(0), 7-5) after 1h55min of good tennis.

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Tomás Etcheverry faced another match corresponding to the new ATP Challenger tournament in the city of Bordeaux this May 2023. He did so after advancing in the men’s final tablewhere he would have to face the French tennis player in the round of 16 Arthur Cazaux. The Argentinian player came into this clash having won his debut Ilya Ivashka. The French tennis player, on the other hand, came into this match after doing the same against Arthur Rinderknech. Indoors against the head there are no precedents between the two tennis playersso it will be the first time they face each other in official competition.

Tomás Etcheverry starts the game suffering

The match started strongly for Arthur Cazaux. The French won the first game of the match. At this time Tomás Etcheverry replied, a series of successes at the service of every player. In the triple play, he would aim to get closer to first global advantage Cazaux, who would be 5-2 at the break. In the same way and by compensating for the loss of service, would reply to Etcheverry, who would not give up so quickly. The tie was such that both signed to advance to the semi-finals. At this point, Tomás would go on a blistering 7-0 run against his rival, capitalizing on the only set point to clinch victory.

The Argentinian racket continues with a steady step

At the start of the second period, Tomás Etcheverry would now be the one to start commanding the initial score. At the moment, Arthur Cazaux would be in charge after a string of successes in each player’s service. The right hand of the Argentinian bat began to rise from time to time, which was visible as the match progressed. For this same reason, Etcheverry would chain a total of three consecutive games with a double break, which they allowed him to leave the situation 7-5 in their favor. This confirmed his entry into the quarter-finals of the Italian tournament.


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