Equelite Integrados Gran Causa

Equelite and Integrados united for a great cause


JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy Tennis and Padel Tennis Academy go a step further when it comes to the environment. Equelite and the Integrated Company are committed to people, the planet and sports.

Premises JC Ferrero Equalite Sport Academy They witnessed the presentation of the Academy’s medium-term expansion project, with particular emphasis on its collaboration with Integrated. This is a company based in Vilna that manufactures 100% recycled plastic wood products. Juan Carlos Ferrero was present and inaugurated, happy about the cooperation between both parties and the growth and development of the Academy itself.

Iñaki EtxegiaThe head of the Academy explained the plans drawn up by the Academy to comply with it future development. On the other hand, the tennis and paddle tennis facilities will be expanded, as well as the student apartment and guest hotel. JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy has been training professional tennis figures for over 25 years and invested in value education in addition to improving the student.

Cooperation with Integrated

The JC Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy has helped Integrated to develop a new set of benches made of 100% recycled plastic wood, ideal for paddle tennis and tennis courts.

‘Set’, ‘Game’, ‘Break’, ‘Deuce’ and ‘Advantage’ These are some of the unique banking models that Integrated has created based on the needs of the players. The benches have a customized structure, back and armrests, customized in all kinds of details. Its features include a 12-year warranty. The Academy itself has acquired 30 of the benches that it has helped design. Thanks to this activity, it has been possible to avoid burying or burning 2500 kilos of plastic.

Alejandro Juan, Integrated Plastics Area Coordinator

«This collaboration is a very important impetus to make our project known on a national and even international level, as it can help us turn several kilos of plastic waste into valuable products and create jobs for the disabled. We are proud to work with entities like Equelite Academy because we share common values ​​such as persistence, effort, respect for the environment and commitment to people.«.

Equelite praises the Integrados company

«The integrated project is wonderful. An example of social commitment: providing work for disabled people while creating a very good, durable, practical and adapted product. Supporting projects and such people is an integral part of our roadmap. We want to continue to grow as a high performance academy, but without losing our essence and values, which we believe will allow our players to get the most out of them.«.


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