Emma Raducanu Nicknamed &Quot;Miss Moneypenny&Quot; For 2022 Earnings

Emma Raducanu nicknamed «Miss Moneypenny» for her 2022 earnings

British tabloid The Sun dubbed Emma Raducanu Miss Moneypenny after the Briton became the third-highest-earning female athlete in 2022. According to data presented by The Sun, Raducanu earned a total of £22.8 million (2 ,8 million prizes and 20 million sponsors). ).

The first two places in the ranking are occupied by Naomi Osaka (46 million pounds) and Serena Williams (30.6 million pounds). Miss Moneypenny’s nickname is inspired by the James Bond film series. In fact, Emma Raducanu attended the world premiere of Daniel Craig’s «No Time To Die» in London in September 2021.

Raducanu was compared to Osaka and Hamilton

Emma Raducanu, one of the two revelations of the US Open 2021, wowed the marketing industry as major companies went wild to negotiate and plan future commercials using the tennis prodigy.

Marketing experts argue that they have never seen such brand attention since Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka. Tim Crow, a sports marketing expert with extensive sponsorship experience, was one of the first to see Raducanu’s considerable impact on the market.

«I haven’t had so many calls from clients, big brands, who are interested in it since Lewis Hamilton broke into Formula One. If he wins, it will become one of the most popular properties in British sport, if not the most popular.» Tim Crow told The Guardian.

As well as comparing Raducanu to F1’s Lewis Hamilton, Crow also found similarities between the young British player and Naomi Osaka. “When it comes to brand appeal, I think parallels can be drawn with Naomi Osaka. [born in Japan to a Haitian father and Japanese mother and raised in the US]Crow was quoted as saying by The Guardian.

“Because of the multicultural aspect of its heritage, it is able to resonate in so many markets. She is a citizen of the world: she attracts much more than a typical white, British, middle-class tennis player,” said Crow. As Emma Raducanu’s father is Romanian and her mother is Chinese, Raducanu has multicultural origins.

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