Duke University Georgia Drummy On Her Life And Her Tennis

Duke University Georgia Drummy on her life and tennis

Georgia Drummy from Duke University was one of the great protagonists of the last university season. Speaking in an interview, as reported on the Duke University website, she said: «My parents met at a tennis tournament. We are all passionate about it.

My sisters? They are six years old and four years older, so it was nice to have them. His level was always better than mine when I was older. young, so I stuck with them. Growing up, I graduated from each person in the family to work.

My dad was the best. He has a real love for the sport.» He then added: «In Ireland, the level of tennis is not that great, so I had to start traveling very young to Europe to play tournaments. Since I am from Ireland, there were not many girls traveling with me. It was always me and my coach, who was a bit lonely.

I never had that feeling with the team.» Like her, Iuliia Bryzgalova also comes from Russia, while youngster Karolina Berankova comes from the Czech Republic.» Drummy said: «It’s just a different experience.

We clicked instantly. It’s not that you go looking for it, but when someone is in the same position of living so far from home, you’re just a little more open to them. By your first year, you’re almost in shock.

Like, oh, what is this? I don’t really get the look of the whole team. But now it’s like he’s fighting harder for these points. Not just for me, but for the team and the university itself.» jamie ashworthcoach at Duke, said of Georgia: «She was the very definition of a team player from the moment she arrived on campus.

His maturity and sense of professionalism set a great example for his teammates.” He literally gave everything for our program, sacrificing his personal health and dealing with pain nearly every day to help make Duke a better place.

She keeps getting better and she keeps wanting to get better, and I know the best version of herself is still in front of her.» Drummy also added: «It’s another level for my tennis. I just want to do what’s best for everyone.

Now I like being on the court more because I’m surrounded by my friends and all these people who care a lot about me.»

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