Djokovic Nueva Generación Está Aquí

Djokovic: «The new generation is already here»

The Serbian tennis player analyzed his ATP Rome 2023 quarter-final loss against Denmark’s Holger Rune and showed the strength with which this new generation of young players is coming.

ATP Rome draw

ATP Rome results

There were a lot of expectations in the quarter-final duel Rome ATP between Novak Djokovic y Holger Rune. The current world number one against one of the most promising youngsters on the track and who had already beaten him in the final. Paris-Bercy last year.

Well, Djokovic did not retaliate, because despite winning the set, he was ultimately unable to contain the greatest speed of his young rival. 16 years younger than him, who ended up beating him 6-2 4-6 v 6-2. A hard setback for Serbia, who will lose their position as world number one on Monday Carlos Alcaraz and that it may even give up second place if Daniil Medvedev win the championship.

However, the Balkan player does not believe that this defeat is a step backwards in his aspirations, given his big goal of the year. Roland Garros. In statements to the official website ATP, Djokovic admitted his inferiority to Rune but remained confident of his chances to win in Paris. Furthermore, the Serbian praised this new generation of players, to which Rune himself belongs, stressing that it was only a matter of time before new faces appeared on the circuit and that he would try to last as long as he could.

Entrusted to Roland Garros

«Yes, I mean just practicing and preparing for the biggest tournament of the clay court season. I know I can always play better. Absolutely I look forward to working on different aspects of my game, from my body. I hope to get 100% fit, that’s the goal. I always trust my chances in a Grand Slam against anyone on any surface, best of five. let’s see what happens«.

Rune Superiority

«It is clear that under these conditions it is very difficult. It’s very, very fast, with a lot of anticipation. He is a very talented, dynamic and versatile player.. Yes, he was better. He played too well for me for most of the game. I also started the third set badly. I think that’s where the party decided in his favor. He held his nerve and deserved the win.».

Any advice for Rune?

«I’m the one who needs to ask for advice. He hit me twice so I have no tips for him. So far he is doing well«.

The new Next Gen

«Apparently there is already a new generation. I mean, Alcaraz is world number one as of Monday. He obviously plays great tennis. I agree it is good for our sport that there are new faces, new guys. It is normal. We’ve been saying for years that we could wait for the moment when there would be a kind of generational change.«.

And their motivation wins them over

«Personally, I try to tolerate them all. I am of course happy, very satisfied with my career so far. I’m still hungry to move forward«.

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