Djere Munar Atp Auckland

Djere takes a valuable win in Auckland

The Serbian achieves a stunning victory after coming back from a match where he started by losing the first set and will face Ruud in the next round.

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First round ATP de Auckland He left a very even game between two players who were eight places apart in the rankings. James Munar He arrived in Australia after a fleeting stint in Pune, where he lost out to Tallon Griekspoor, later the winner of the competition. The feelings weren’t the best and I wanted to keep up the pace in Auckand. A similar case Laszlo Djere, who made it to the second round in India, but lost to a rival in the qualifiers. This was the first time these tennis players had seen each other, so the match was decided between them.

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The match started in the best possible way for Serbia, who took advantage of the first break point of the match and began to dominate the set. The joy only lasted four games, as Munar also took advantage of his only breaking point up to that point to tie the game. The partial felt flat but another break from the Spaniard on the Serb’s subsequent bid tipped the set in his favour. Munar only needed to win his serve to make it 6-3 on the scoreboard, bringing him closer to the second round of the tournament. Both took advantage of their options, but the Spaniard took the cat to the water early in the game.

Serbian language skills

The second set had nothing to do with the first as Djere forced his game against Munar who couldn’t find himself in the set. Djere cut off Munari’s first bid with the second break ball and he avoided three with his pass thanks to which he opened a gap on the scoreboard with a score of 3-0. At that time, the Serb missed the break ball and Munar opened his mark. However, the fate of the set was decided and Laslo’s new break gave him a clear 6-1 lead in the set. Djere achieved a partial victory which opened the door for him to take a valuable victory.

Same fate in the third

The third set started the same way the second ended, with the Spaniard unable to capitalize on his chances and the Serb cementing the first he had. Munar started the streak. In this case, the Spaniard quickly regained this disadvantage and cut off the Serbian’s next bid with very solid play. Once again, the Spaniard conceded two break points after a blunder that took him out of the game when the game was tied. A double fault put Djere back in the lead. Another set of breaks leveled the match at five and then into a draw where Djere was superior and took the match.

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