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Davis passes Osorio in Reus

Lauren Davis advanced to the semifinals of the Reus WTA 125 Series by eliminating Camila Osorio 6-4, 6-3 in an hour and 40 minutes.

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Until today, on Friday, in the quarterfinals, the trip of the Colombian came Camila Osorio In the Catalan tournament, having to lose to one of the main seeds, such as Lauren Davis. It was the first time they had met, and the American, coming off three straight losses and still not knowing what it felt like to win on clay, finds confidence in Reus.

Osorio looks depressed

Camila could have competed at a good level after returning in the first round in Madrid. In this bet, however, he had to fall. The American pressed in the first round against Osorio, who was not feeling completely well. With two breaks to go, this intense game from the bottom began to decline as the Colombian improved, managing to restore the gap to 4-4. However, the fatigue that came with being left behind affected the number 115 in the world and he had another break from Lauren. With that 5-4, the American managed to close out the first set, even if it was another competitive game.

The battle intensified at the start of the second round. Lauren was going to get ahead again, but the Colombian countered. In these moments, Davis was better on the court. She remained calm, more patient and it increased her effectiveness so that Camila was unable to fight in the last moments. It was two straight breaks because he did the rest of it. THU Davis got the match point and was the first to fall in the WTA 125 of Osorio Reus.

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