Daria Kasatkina threatened by a Russian politician

Daria Kasatkina threatened by a Russian politician

Daria Kasatkina, a Russian player who has recently come out of the closet, has repeatedly expressed her opposition to the Putin government. This position of yours has not been well received by the institutions, which have begun to respond to these demonstrations.

Roman TeryushkovDuma deputy, the Russian Parliament, has sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice in which he requests that some of them, including the Russian tennis player, be added to the list of foreign agents: this has been confirmed in an interview with RB Deportes .

Daria Kasatkina threatened by a Russian politician

The definition of foreign agents is something that comes very close to that of dissidents: economic restrictions, such as being vetted or shutting down their websites.

The reason why the Russian became the object of Teryushkov’s requests lies in an interview that the deputy gave months ago, as published by sports.ru. Kasatkina herself said: «Kasatkina, Karen Khachanov, Yevgeny Kafelnikov openly criticize the actions of the Russian authorities, who permanently reside outside the territory of the Russian Federation, act in a neutral state, demonstrate to the whole world and distance themselves from the NWO and Russian society.

Their actions are framed in the Foreign Agents Law.” In fact, Kafelnikov and especially Karen Khachanov, a semifinalist in this edition of the US Open, are also included in this list.

The war in Ukraine and its effect on tennis players

The war in Ukraine shook the world and tennis, like many aspects, was also influenced by the events that unfolded in Eastern Europe.

Russian and Belarusian men and women no longer compete under the Russian flag, have been excluded from national competitions and, above all, have been excluded from the last edition of Wimbledon. Some of them preferred not to expose themselves, while others said or did something to show their dissatisfaction with Russia’s actions. Rublev wrote and said messages of peace: from Dubai at the beginning of the season to the last tournament in Turin.

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