Daniil Medvedev Shares Thoughts On Carlos Alcaraz Missing Australian Open

Daniil Medvedev shares his opinion on the absence of Carlos Alcaraz at the Australian Open

Daniil Medvedev says it is «a shame» that the Australian Open does not feature world number 1 Carlos Alcaraz. On Friday, Alcaraz surprised everyone by announcing his withdrawal from the Australian Open. In his statement, Alcaraz announced that he suffered an injury to his right leg during the preseason.

«It’s a pity. I’m not really sure what he has, if it’s a bit of a previous injury or just a new one. I’m not his team so I have no idea. It’s a pity. He’s one of the best players in the game. world.

We played once (Wimbledon 2021), but it was not at the same level. We may not even count it,» Medvedev said of Alcaraz missing the Australian Open.

Medvedev feels «a pity» that Alcaraz is out of the Australian Open

Alcaraz was not signed up to play any ATP events leading up to the Australian Open.

However, he signed up to compete in the Kooyong Classic, a popular exhibition tournament in Australia. There were no indications that Alcaraz was dealing with injury or anything of the sort, as Kooyong’s organizers were preparing to host the Spaniard next week.

But on Friday Alcaraz surprised everyone with his announcement. «When I was at my best in preseason, I was injured by a random and unnatural movement during training. This time it’s the semimembranosus muscle in my right leg.

I worked very hard to be at my best in Australia, but unfortunately I won’t be able to play Care A2+ Kooyong or the Australian Open. It’s hard, but I have to be optimistic, recover and look ahead. See you in 2024,» Alcaraz announced on Instagram.

The Australian Open has now lost a player who would have been considered among the title contenders. The Australian Open will be without Alcaraz this January, but at least nine-time Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic will return to the tournament.

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