Vallejo Dos Semanas Increíbles

Daniel Vallejo: «It was an incredible two weeks»


Daniel Vallejo, the number one in the junior series, talked about his participation as a sparring partner in the ATP finals last year

Vallejo will start his first season as a professional player in 2023 after a fruitful junior phase. The best player award came to him at the end of the season, when he was able to rally and train with finalists like Djokovic or Medvedev. The Paraguayan sparred and shared a dressing room with the likes of Holger Rune and Hurkacz.


“It was an incredible two weeks. You learn a lot and get a lot of rhythm with these players. The tournament field is amazing, it’s one of the biggest I’ve ever been to. It has been great to play and watch all the games that have been played there. When you step in and hit, it’s a completely different feeling than hitting on a regular pitch.»

Alright Medvedev and Rublev

– They are very consistent and aggressive in their games. They have amazing portions. You can learn many things from them and then try and practice. I trained with Daniil Medvedev for his match against Tsitsipas. It was a fun experience. Daniil has a completely different playing style. He is a very cold guy. He is also fun to be with and play with. You get used to his ball and it’s fun.»

About the tournament and Djokovic

– I think one of the best things for the players playing in the tournament is that they have their own dressing rooms facing the door. It’s great, it’s a one time thing. I should keep working hard to be here one day. I love watching Novak Djokovic. He is an incredible player to watch, he has everything. With Roger, he is probably the most complete player. He can do everything, so it’s great to watch him play.»


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