Coric Cerúndolo United Cup

Coric falls to Argentina in the United Cup

Croatia get their first win on their United Cup debut. Coric manages to maintain a good rhythm throughout the match, defeating Francisco Cerúndolo in his first match (7-5, 6-4) after exchanging blows for a minute. Argentina is doing very badly at the moment.

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Croatia faced their second match in the United Cup series against Argentina as Donna Vekic beat María Lourdes Carlé in brilliant fashion. Now it was closed Francisco Cerundolo Borna Coric. Croatia had played their last match in the World Tennis League the Argentine had already made his debut in this tournament, losing to Arthur Rinderknech. It was the second meeting between the two ATP rackets, which was also the same in the national team tournament. Cerúndolo is looking to add the first win in his tournament history to turn around his country’s delicate situation in the United Cup.

Borna Coric looks solid

The match started from the Croatian team. Borna Coric was responsible for opening the scoring for his side. Francisco Cerúndolo managed to level the dispute 40-30. 40-15 Coric would take the lead again. After this, Borna Coric would chain two more consecutive points, along during the game break, who gave no options to his opponent. Despite this Francisco Cerúndolo would score reached 2-4 where he had to save two breaks on his serve.

Croatia reacted quickly to be able to close out the first set for the others. At the moment it would not be possiblebecause Cerúndolo gained a new point that He left him two down on the scoreboard in the first sleeve. Another point in a row from the Argentine would turn into a service break for his opponent. I would confirm the same at this time with his serve, although Coric quickly broke the tie with a comfortable 40-15. Croatia was left to decide the first set in their own favor. Service outage included Borna Coric closed the first set in his lockerwhereupon Cerúndola had to shoot the epic in the second round.

Croatia sinks Argentina more in the series

In the second set, Francisco Cerúndolo started hitting first with a early service outage. At this moment, he would confirm the 2-0 he had previously achieved, allowing him to gain a slight advantage over his opponent. Coric’s first reaction would allow cut distances in light saving three maintenance outages. 40-15 Argentinian racket would add one point. Everything was still undecided. Saves up to three maintenance outages, Coric managed to cut more distance, taking the game to a 2-3 loss. Until two would be points in a row, which the Croatian player would addincluding a service break and a scoreless game.

Francisco Cerundolo I didn’t want to sit idle, so he returned the empty game to his rival. The tie returned to the scoreboard. Behind this Borna Coric managed to add 5-4 after an even 40-30, so now the world number 26 was left to win the set and the match. Eventually The match was finished by Borna Coric in their favor with a comfortable 6-4 and 40-15.

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