Cori Gauff Hopes To Follow Path Of Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Be A Role Model

Cori Gauff hopes to follow the path of Serena Williams, Venus Williams, be a role model

Cori Gauff says that Serena and Venus Williams have been a huge inspiration to black kids in the United States, as coming out of Compton and making a big mark on tennis history is absolutely amazing.

The Williams sisters had to overcome many adversities along the way to become two all-time greats, but there was never a challenge to back down from. Now, Gauff is one of the best black athletes in tennis and she hopes to follow in the footsteps of the Williams sisters and serve as an inspiration and a great role model.

«I think heroes are important. You look at Serena Williams and Venus Williams, the situation they went through, not having that much money financially and going through a tough neighborhood in Compton, and I, I know I live a better life than I probably would.» they did better in that aspect, quote, quote,» Gauff said, via Sportskeeda.

«I think for me, even knowing that, it made me feel like I could do it. So I hope someone can look at me and say I feel like I can do it because she did it. You know, you have these heroes like LeBron James, Allyson Felix, the list Go on Simone Biles, you have these heroes living their lives and you can’t imagine how inspiring it is to see that.»

Gauff: Honestly, I didn’t have a hard time financially.

Growing up, Gauff had no financial problems in that her parents were able to financially support her career. She gauff her admits that she can’t complain about that and she feels privileged to be in a position to focus solely on tennis.

«It’s very important, to be honest. You know, you ask me, I’d say I lived a pretty privileged life. You know, my parents made enough money to support me, they never had to think about financial things. My parents are still together.

That is a privilege. So I think I kind of recognize it,» Gauff said. Meanwhile, Gauff got off to a winning start to her US Open campaign as she defeated Leolia Jeanjean 6-2, 6-3. Gauff plays Elena Gabriela Ruse next. .

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