Top Coach Comments On Novak Djokovic'S Return

Comments from the best coach on the return of Novak Djokovic

Although many believe that the fight for the Grand Slams will be a decisive factor when determining the GOAT, there is a classification in which Novak Djokovic is unbeatable for his rivals. In fact, Nole occupies the first position in the historical list of prizes, with the staggering figure of 164,691,308 million dollars.

This places him well ahead of Rafa Nadal, who is in second place with 134,329,921 million. On the lowest step of the podium is Roger Federer, with 130,594,339 million dollars. He is followed by Andy Murray, who is trying by all means to get back to the top with the help of Ivan Lendl.

Questioned by journalists during the World Tennis League in Dubai, Djokovic reiterated his intention to continue playing for a long time: «I would like to continue as long as possible. Until now I have never thought of retiring.

Things are going pretty well for me, I can’t complain. As long as I can express myself at this level and have the fire inside, I will continue «. Djokovic has had a very difficult year due to his decision not to get vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

The Serbian champion was unable to play in either the Australian Open or the US Open, in addition to finding himself in the eye of the hurricane at the beginning of 2022. In addition, due to his vaccination status, the former world number 1 also had to resign to all the Masters 1000 in the United States, Indian Wells, Miami, Montreal and Cincinnati.

The best version of Nole was seen on the Wimbledon grass, where he won the seventh title of his career for the fourth consecutive time. The 35-year-old tennis player from Belgrade thus equaled his idol Pete Sampras and was only one length behind Rafael Nadal in the historic Grand Slam ranking.

Roger Rasheed talks about Djokovic

The Australian coach is very happy that Novak Djokovic can play in Australia again. According to him, this is good news for the level of tennis that the champions will offer during this month of January.

“There is no doubt that Novak’s return improves the performance of other players. When you have the best in the game and they’re playing live in front of you, you always want to stand out and perform. They take you to another level. Everybody wants to have the best players in the world on the pitch and that’s what we’ll have.»

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