Coco Gauff Leaves Serena Williams To Join Lebron James And Michael Jordan

Coco Gauff leaves Serena Williams to join LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Young American tennis star Coco Gauff she played in the 2022 WTA Finals in Forth Worth, being eliminated in her own round robin. Just a few days ago, Coco had important words explaining the difficulties in the world of tennis and thanking the fact that she comes from a good family, but she also spoke about situations that are not very simple: “Training is a problem in tennis.

They are very expensive. and not everyone can afford it. I come from the United States and fortunately I am part of a good family but I think of less developed countries where concentrating on this sport is really very difficult.

I come from a minority and therefore the only advice I can give to every person is ‘Don’t let anyone dim your light’. Knowing where you come from doesn’t matter, every dream can be realized. If I have to talk about a great example, that is Frances Tiafoe.

If you listen to his story, you see that he learned to play tennis by watching him, he had no coach and even in the beginning he showed up at the tournament venues to watch the matches.»

Coco Gauff leaves Serena Williams to join LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Coco Gauff recently signed a million dollar contract with a famous shoe brand, New Balance.

The Boston-based brand already had a deal with the young American star with her as the cover for it. Gauff could leave Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka behind in her endorsement deals with her. Gauff has been a part of this sponsorship since she was 14 years old and recently extended her contract to a multi-year one.

The release of her Coco CG1 this year makes her the only current female tennis player with a signature shoe. The brand will release a new colorway for her sneaker on November 3. Previously, the brand made exclusive shoes for NBA Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

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