Coco Gauff Cracks Up Explaining What City Girls “Period” Means To Reporter

Coco Gauff laughs as she explains what City Girls’ «period» means to the reporter

When asked about some of her on-court gestures made during her win against Shuai Zhang at the US Open, Coco Gauff went on to explain that one of them looked like a «throat slit» for a fan.

“That was a City Girls ‘period,’” Gauff explained. “It’s a City Girls summer.

Period. That’s what it is,» Gauff told reporters. Seeing that the reporter was confused, Gauff added, “JT, Yung Miami, don’t you know? I have my nails long, it’s supposed to be that way. He is feeding off the crowd.”

To clear up any further confusion, Gauff tweeted about the misunderstanding. “It wasn’t meant to come out any other way. I had a City Girls song stuck in my head the whole game. So I was saying PERIOD in my head,» Gauff tweeted.

Here is the song called «Period» by City Girls.

Kozlov impressed by Gauff’s behavior on the pitch

After Coco Gauff booked her place in the US Open quarterfinals by defeating Shuai Zhang, ATP No. 111 Stefan Kozlov congratulated the American tennis icon on her behavior on the court, placing the youngster from 18 years above any athlete in the world, including tennis stars. like Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

«Coco Gauff is the most impressive athlete I have ever seen. Sky-high attitude, relentless fighting spirit,» Kozlov wrote. Coco Gauff defeated Shuai Zhang 7-5, 7-5 in one hour and 56 minutes in their fourth round match.

Gauff had 33 game winners to Zhang’s 26 and 25 unforced errors to Zhang’s 29. Unfortunately for Gauff, she was stopped in the 2022 US Open quarterfinals. The 17th-seeded Garcia defeated 12th-seeded Coco Gauff 6-3, 6-4 in one hour and 37 minutes. .

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