Coach Ivan Lendl Addresses Andy Murray'S Tennis Future

Coach Ivan Lendl addresses Andy Murray’s tennis future

Coach Ivan Lendl reveals that Andy Murray had a strong training block in Florida, also adding that he saw no signs of the three-time Grand Slam champion preparing for a farewell tour. Murray, 35, did not have a great 2022 season and did not hide the fact that he was not happy with the results achieved this year.

When Murray was one of the best players in the world, his offseason routine included a training block in Florida. This offseason, Murray decided to pick up his old habit: He went to Florida to prepare for the new season.

In early March, Murray returned Lendl to his team for his third stint. “He is there, he is ready. It is he who has to say what he is going to do, but I worked with him for 20 days, from the end of November to December 10 in Boca and I saw zero signs that it is a farewell tour.

I wouldn’t be there if it was,» Lendl said on The Craig Shapiro Tennis podcast.

Lendl on Murray’s Grand Slam chances

Murray hasn’t had a deep Grand Slam run since reaching the Wimbledon quarterfinals in 2017.

After Wimbledon 2017, Murray underwent two major hip surgeries. It’s no secret that Murray dreams of making at least one more great Grand Slam career before retiring. Now, Lendl suggests that Murray wants to make a really deep Grand Slam career, one of the keys will be to get off to a good start in the tournament.

«It depends on how the matches go (in the Grand Slams). You can be the fittest guy on tour and if you play the first three matches for five hours, five sets each, and then you go into the round of 16 against a rested boy, at some point that tank is going to empty,» Lendl explained. Whether Murray can make a good run at the Australian Open remains to be seen.

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