Coach Ferrero Makes Admission About Replacing Alexander Zverev With Carlos Alcaraz

Coach Ferrero admits he will replace Alexander Zverev with Carlos Alcaraz

Coach Juan Carlos Ferrero admitted that «it was not easy» for him to work with Alexander Zverev, adding that he «needed someone» like Carlos Alcaraz after parting ways with the German. At the beginning of 2018, Zverev and Ferrero ended their partnership and it was not a happy parting.

At the time, it was reported that Ferrero was having problems with Zverev’s professionalism, while the German wanted more freedom when not participating in tournaments. At the end of 2018, Ferrero began working with a teenage Alcaraz.

Four years later, Alcaraz is a Grand Slam champion and the youngest number 1 in tennis history. Ferrero is all about hard work and professionalism and Alcaraz has completely bought into his coach’s philosophy.

Ferrero on agreeing to work with Alcaraz after breaking up with Zverev

“He is like one more son to me, the eldest.

He’s my second player as a coach and I think I’m still learning from him and he’s learning from me. We are both growing together at the same time. He is a very nice guy and very easy to work with.

What I know is that I needed something like this because after working with Sascha [Zverev] that was not so easy for me, it’s not the same culture, he understands a little differently [the meaning of] being a professional, I needed to freshen up a bit and work with someone who had a bit of the same character as me and wanted the same things for the future and in Carlos I think I found it,» Ferrero told Eurosport.

After Alcaraz became Grand Slam champion at the US Open, Ferrero claimed that the 19-year-old unlocked around 60% of his potential. If that is true, the best of Alcaraz is yet to come. However, it is absolutely clear that Alcaraz is already one of the best players in the world and a top contender wherever he wants him to go. In January, Alcaraz will look to win his first Australian Open title.

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