Clément Sordet Is Eager To Return To The Dp

Clément Sordet is eager to return to the PD

By finishing 11th and 13th respectively in the Race to Mallorca that ended last weekend at the Alcanada course in Mallorca, Robin Sciot-Siegrist and Clément Sordet regained a right to play on next year’s DP World Tour l.

A return to the great circuit that confirms the potential of the two players.

Clement Sordet and Robin Sciot-Siegrist

Robin Sciot-Siegrist has shown great consistency this season by being the player with the most cuts (20 of the 24 regular season tournaments he has played).

In the end, an excellent 11th place overall synonymous with a rise in the European elite. Despite the disappointment of a lost final, the lefty feels better equipped for next season. “I would have liked to have a great last week on the Challenge Tour.

It’s a shame it ends in a week like this that I’m missing out on because there were some good points to make up. But I really didn’t like it, I tried so hard but I really didn’t want to. He’s back in no time, so I’m going to work well.

I am very happy with my season, I am a bit mixed with my performance in this final, but of course I am very happy to be back on the DP World Tour. I played there for two years, I’m starting to get to know the courses, I know how it goes, so I feel better armed and prepared than two or three years ago.

The second player with the most cuts in 2022 is none other than his compatriot Clément Sordet. Lyonnais had quickly put themselves in good shape by winning the SDC Open in South Africa in the play-off at the end of March.

His finish was hampered by a terrible 80 (+8) in the wind on Friday but the Lyon man enjoyed his return to the fore. “There was only one day that I played very badly, the others I felt that I was missing something to score a good goal even if I scored -5 on the last day.

I feel like I still had some under my feet, it’s up to me to erase all these little mistakes I may have made to really be ready for the next season. I’m super happy, it was a very long season, I’m super happy and I can’t wait for the next season.

I hope I can keep my card see more. I feel ready, there are two or three things to settle in my little game, especially in putting. I’m going to have a two week break, I would have gone on vacation, but the season is picking up pretty quickly and I’m off to South Africa for the start of the season.

There really isn’t a winter, even if I really need one to physically get back to work and recharge my batteries. I will have a good rest from mid-December which will give me time to work”.

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