Chris Evert shared moving words for tennis legend Roger Federer

former tennis player chris alwaysis a big fan of Roger Federer. The Canadian Eric Alper asked his followers which celebrity no one hates and Chris Evert responded forcefully: «Roger Federer!». He then continued: «No champion has been loved by our peers like the Swiss Roger Federer.

Honestly, he’s the only athlete who, when he lost, made me cry.» The former tennis champion recently posted a video where she talks about her admiration for Roger Federer. The 18-time Grand Slam champion revealed, speaking openly with Roger: «I want to know that I appreciate how kind you were to my children, especially in the early years.

You would come out of your locker room and say hello everyone.» He continued: «What impressed me, along with the beauty of your game, is the fact that you are a great sportsman on and off the court.

Win or lose, he has always been very kind and a great gentleman.» Finally, Chris Evert closed: «You are my favorite player, you always have been and you are the only one who made me cry when you lost. Good luck and I hope you’re happy.»

2022 historic year for tennis

2022 is a historic year for the world of tennis. Several important events have occurred, especially for this sport and it refers, among others, to the retirement of legends of this sport such as Serena Williams and especially Roger Federer.

The Swiss champion, twenty-times winner of Grand Slam titles, has left an unimaginable mark or rather an unimaginable legacy within tennis and the entire sport as a whole. Millions of fans have admired the tennis player’s exploits and many consider Federer the most beloved athlete in the history of the sport.

A significant figure regarding this detail is the 19 ATP Fans Favorite Awards titles, a record that saw Federer as the most beloved tennis player from 2003 until last year, 2021. Only this year, with the Swiss’s retirement, has he been his great rival Rafael Nadal to collect this award.

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