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Carreño: «The thought of stopping didn’t cross my mind»

The Asturian tennis player spoke for the Eurosport microphones during a short post-match discussion. Pablo Carreño was pleased with his first victory in the final of his debut Australian Open 2023 tournament. That’s why he expressed his feelings after getting back together to win at the start of the year, the heat sensation he had to go through and what he thinks about the state of the track in Australia.

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Pablo Carreño gets a a very important win in the new season 2023 as for tournaments. After starting his career with a loss at Adelaida 2, the tennis player from Gijón went through the Eurosport microphones to talk about his feelings on the court. how important winning is to your state of mind and what he suffered in the game against his rival.

Glad to see him reunited with the win

«It’s always good to start with a win and that’s it arrive as soon as possible. It got away from me there in Adelaide, but it was a good game and not bad at the start of the year. Here I have found myself a little more comfortable and I have been able to endure«.

Comfort and safety while playing in the great Australian

«Well, the circumstances may not be what I like best. If we compare, for example, these fields with the fields of the US Open, there I feel a little more comfortable because they are not as fast. Here the courts are really fast, the ball slides a lot and it makes it very difficult for me to play in the back of the court ».

A match with direct play and almost no time to think

«The truth today is that there hasn’t been much of a rally, because there was already a lot of initiative with the service. If you manage to get a good percentage of the first offers and in a good position, you already have a very important initiative. If you don’t win the point with a pass, the truth is that next time you have the initiative. In my case I have been able to culminate these initiatives to earn points«.

The first rounds are a positive turning point

“The first rounds I’m doing pretty well here in Australia and that’s always important.»

Heat, one of the enemies to play against in Australia

“Well, the truth is, it was very hot. I think the heat rule is a step forward for everyoneAfter all, it’s one thing for the health of tennis players. After all, if the norm says that reaching a temperature or humidity or whatever it indicates, it must be stopped, it will stop.

Although he wasn’t too convinced that a break was for the best based on his moment

“When they told us to stop The thought of stopping did not occur to me as he led 5-1 in the second set. At the time I was overwhelmed, but After all, it is a rule that promotes our health And I think that’s very good.»

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