Carlos Alcaraz'S Knee Problem, Atp Finals At Risk?

Carlos Alcaraz’s knee problem, ATP Finals at risk?

Carlos Alcarazduring the first press conference in Paris Bercy, talked about his current physical state. In fact, the Spaniard has openly declared to the media: «I have a problem in my knee, but it’s just a few small problems.

I dare to say that all tennis players have something at the end of the year and you have to play with that small percentage of discomfort. It’s not too serious.» On managing these last challenges of the season, he said: «I don’t feel the pressure.

I myself was the one who set that goal for myself, to finish the year as number one in the world. There are great players near me and they also have a chance. I will try to give my best in every tournament I participate in. I want to have fun playing tennis, pressure is part of our sport.»

Carlos Alcaraz’s knee problem, ATP Finals at risk?

In the interview prior to the official debut he also explained, speaking about the US Open title: «Winning a Grand Slam and being number one in the world was my dream, but I didn’t expect to make it come true at 19 years old.

Everything came very fast. Now I realize what I have done. I was able to make my dream come true but it is clear that it happened unexpectedly. I haven’t changed at all: many things have changed but I haven’t changed as a person.

Nothing has changed compared to the people around me, my family, my team or my friends. With them I live a normal life». The memory of the 2021 edition in France, especially related to the match with Hugo Gaston: «It was a quite difficult match!

Probably one of the toughest I’ve played in my life. This year I’ve played a lot of melee battles on big stages, fighting for important things. Thanks to these types of races I know what it feels like when the whole world is with you. I have learned»

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