'Carlos Alcaraz Doesn'T Realise Yet But...', Says Expert

‘Carlos Alcaraz still doesn’t realize it but…’, says expert

The progression of the champion of Spain Carlos Alcaraz continues at the ATP 500 tournament in Rio de Janeiro. After winning the tournament in Buenos Aires, the Spaniard also reached the final in Rio, where he wants to reaffirm his position and return to the top of the ATP ranking, equaling the Serbian Novak Djokovic.

The Murcian suffered many difficulties in the semifinals and prevailed in a comeback against the Chilean tennis player Nicolás Jarry, undoubtedly one of the most fit at the moment. The number two in the world spoke at a press conference and addressed many issues.

These are his words: «I’m proud of myself. I never imagined that I would start the season with two finals and after Buenos Aires now I have a great chance to move on and win the final as well.» Eight games won in eleven days, an exhausting journey that could call into question the champion’s presence in next week’s Acapulco tournament, which begins in a few hours.

The defending champion of Brazil analyzed the match and continued: «The first set was very hard, I managed to come back when everything seemed lost, but then I didn’t have a good tiebreak. The important thing is that I had the ability to maintain a positive mentality at all times, and coming back from 0-40 in the first game of the second set was crucial for the development of the match.

Nicolás played a great match, there were moments when he dominated and had the advantage, it was hard for me to find solutions and, to be honest, I don’t know how I managed to finish the game and win.» Alcaraz experienced some pain as well as fatigue, and The tennis player accused: «The truth is that it is not something that worries me much.

Among tennis players it is normal to play with some pain and it is normal that playing all these days the pain increases».

Mouratoglou talks about Alcaraz

Serena Williams’ former coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, recently opined that Carlos Alcaraz will have to deal with serious pressure situations in the coming days.

«I think Carlos is someone who handles pressure well, but I think he will have pressure. Maybe he doesn’t realize it yet, but when will he be there, having to defend titles, having been number 1 in the world with everything.» the expectations that he carries, he will feel it and it’s normal,» said Mouratoglou.

«I think he doesn’t think about rankings and points or that he will, … but more about his state. I’m here, I won last year, I beat most of the best players in the world. So ‘It’s supposed to that i have to win And how do I deal with the fact that when I go on the pitch, anything but a win is a bad result? So this is hard and this is what you’re going to have to deal with 100 percent.» »

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