Carlos Alcaraz Beats A Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal'S Record!

Carlos Alcaraz kisses Roger Federer and Rafael Navidad’s memory!

Carlos Alcaraz’s 2022 was incredible. The Spaniard has won the top 1,000, played very well on a number of occasions and has shown himself to be inferior to none on almost any surface. The room for improvement of the nineteen-year-old from Murcia seems incredible, but in a few hours Carlos could become number one in the world.

Alcaraz could have this opportunity in case of victory or final of the tournament without Ruud’s victory in New York. An incredible achievement knowing the age of the Iberian champion, another extraordinary race. Alcaraz defeated Jannik Sinner in the quarterfinals after a battle of more than five hours and an extraordinary performance.

The Iberian tennis player annulled a match point to his rival and then turned the match around. In the subsequent game, Carlos commented on the success: «Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know how I managed to win this game.

The level was incredible, Jannik is an extraordinary player and I think it’s great for everyone to see matches like this. Honestly I can only thank you, at this time I can not say more. I will never stop repeating that all the games I win on this court I win thanks to you.

I honestly can’t explain how much energy you can put into me.» In the semifinals, Alcaraz beat American Frances Tiafoe to show off her first Slam final.

The umpteenth record of Carlos Alcaraz

Thanks to his victory over Jannik Sinner, Alcaraz reached his first semifinal in a Grand Slam tournament.

An incredible number that places him, given his age, among the greats of tennis. Over the course of history, only six players have done better while Carlos is ahead of the Big Three, the three phenomena that have dominated the last twenty years like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

Here is the full ranking:

Andre Agassi 18 years 4 months (1988)
Boris Becker 18 years 8 months (1986)
Arias 19 years and 25 days (1983)
Pete Sampras 19 years 27 days (1990)
Bjorn Borg 19 years and 3 months (1975)
Pat Cash 19 years, 3 months and 12 days (1984)
Carlos Alcaraz 19 years and 4 months (2022)

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