'Carlos Alcaraz'S Got So Many Tools At Is Disposal But...', Says Expert

‘Carlos Alcaraz has so many tools at his disposal but…’, says expert

A lot is expected of Carlos Alcaraz in 2023. The young Spaniard has achieved memorable feats this year and has shown that he has what it takes to become champion. The 19-year-old from Murcia won his first Grand Slam by winning the US Open, in addition to having won two Masters 1000 (Miami and Madrid) and as many ATP 500 (Rio and Barcelona).

Thanks to the triumph in the Big Apple, ‘Carlitos’ became the youngest number 1 in the history of men’s tennis. Some physical problems slowed down Alcaraz’s progress in the latter part of the season, forcing him to miss the ATP finals in Turin and the Davis Cup final in Malaga.

Juan Carlos Ferrero’s pupil has been training intensely in recent weeks and has decided not to participate in any official tournament before the 2023 Australian Open. The Iberian also wants to break the bank at Melbourne Park, where Djokovic will also be the big favorite Novak .

On the latest edition of the ‘Control the Controllables’ podcast, former South African player Robbie Koenig commented on Alcaraz’s vehement rise.

Koenig reflects on Alcaraz

«It’s been fascinating to see the emergence of young people and the amount of talent out there.

We always worry about who will take over from the Big 4. But I like what I’m seeing,» he said. Going back to the beginning of the year, I think Novak should have been allowed to play. Similarly, for the US Open, he wishes he could have played there.

I couldn’t imagine anything better than Carlos Alcaraz going up against Novak, two guys who are just the most exquisite movers. I just want to see the best players be able to compete. That’s what fans live for: those big heavyweight matchups.

Obviously, now that Alcaraz has made it to No. 1, the variety she displayed at such a young age is what has caught our attention. He has so many tools at his disposal, but for me, it’s just the mental toughness that this guy has. I often use his stats to break the tie in deciding sets.

I think he is 11-1 in his career. The clutch factor of him is up there, man. Fearless tennis and the ability to produce excites us all. There is a lot to look forward to,» he added. Eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl recently praised Carlos Alcaraz and his team for an incredible 2022 season.

«Alcaraz is pretty good and he’s only going to get better for a while,» he said. «I know Carlos Alcaraz is very well trained. He has a great team around him. Those guys are very good at what they do, the Spaniards.»

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