'Carlos Alcaraz Has Big Shots', Says Young Atp Ace

‘Carlos Alcaraz has great shots,’ says young ATP ace

Carlos Alcaraz’s 2022 was incredible and the nineteen-year-old athlete from Murcia is right now on top of the world. At the beginning of the season, many thought that Carlos could climb stages, but nobody thought until this point.

In this 2022 Carlos first won his first ATP 500 and Masters 1000 tournaments and then won his first Grand Slam tournament in New York, the US Open 2022. Thanks to this result, Carlos became the youngest world number one. always and many drawbacks many comparisons.

Alcaraz has considerable numbers and ample room for improvement and many think that the tennis world has already found the main heir to the Big Three. It must be said that Rafa Nadal’s physical problems and the situation linked to Novak Djokovic’s decision not to get vaccinated against Covid helped achieve this result.

Carlos is only 19 years old but he has already been at the top of the ATP ranking for six weeks, numbers similar to those radiated by former number ones from the past such as Marcelo Ríos or Yevgeny Kafelnikov. Alcaraz has already done better than tennis players like Carlos Moya and Patrick Rafter and now Alcaraz could catch up and surpass his coach Juan Carlos Ferrero and John Newcombe.

Former Spanish tennis player Carla Suárez Navarro recently spoke about compatriots Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal, number one and number two in the world. Carla referred to her young compatriot, with beautiful words for her: “Young people are coming to the circuit and it is lucky that we have Carlitos Alcaraz, we are going to have fun with him and I think he will achieve many successes in the future.

He may be the real replacement for Rafa Nadal because Rafa is still there, but we all know that he is in the last years of his career. Alcaraz is a very complete tennis player at his age, one thinks that at 19 years old he can still improve a lot but now Carlos is complete in tennis, physically and mentally».

Carlos Alcaraz shot in 2022

Holger Rune recently spoke about his and Carlos Alcaraz’s use of drop shots during the current Stockholm Open. “Yes, not really. We haven’t talked about it, but yeah, I mean, I faced him a lot of times in juniors and we’d always throw shots at each other, so I think that’s something we’ve always done,” he said.

«And yeah, I mean, now we, I mean, obviously he’s learned how to put them the right way, because he’s got big shots and you know, he can mix them up,» he said. “Because that’s also what he was trying to do today, because every time he was lining up a front, he (Cameron Norrie) automatically goes a little bit on his heels, and if you can mix it up and cut him short sometimes, it makes him keep guessing everything. time. So it’s definitely a good thing to do once in a while,” he said.

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