Novak Djokovic: Carlos Alcaraz Deserved Grand Slam Title, No 1 Ranking

Carlos Alcaraz deserved the Grand Slam title, No. 1 in the ranking

Novak Djokovic spoke highly of Carlos Alcaraz during a press conference in Belgrade, acknowledging that the 19-year-old Spaniard deserved to win a Grand Slam and reach the world number 1 ranking. At the US Open, the Grand Slam where Djokovic was not allowed to compete due to his vaccine stance, Alcaraz became Grand Slam champion.

In addition, Alcaraz reached the world number 1 ranking after his triumph at the US Open. But some were not impressed by Alcaraz’s success at the US Open, saying the result would have been different had Djokovic played. When it comes to Djokovic himself, he believes that Alcaraz «deserves every success.»

Djokovic speaks highly of Alcaraz

“He is playing at a high level, especially after being injured for so long.

It is impressive that he finds his best level as soon as he returns, that is something typical of a mature and experienced player. He doesn’t have that much, but he is showing a lot of maturity. He is a great guy, he has a very good team around him and he deserves every success.

He brings a fresh energy to tennis, with a very striking game and personality. He deserved to be number one and win a Grand Slam, I only have praise for him as a person, but also as a tennis player since he doesn’t have many flaws, he can play equally well on all surfaces.

He had an injury, but continued his winning streak. At this point, it is not my absolute priority to maintain first place in the ranking. There may be a change in a few weeks, but the priority is to stay healthy and be in the best shape possible.

When I’m good, I can win all the tournaments», Djokovic said in Belgrade. Also in Belgrade, Djokovic stressed that Rafael Nadal will always be his biggest rival, not Alcaraz. Meanwhile, Djokovic is preparing to return to action at the Olympic Games. next week ATP 500 event in Dubai.

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