Carlé Naito Itf Charlottesville

Carlé signs a good show and continues in Charlottesville

Argentine tennis player Lourdes Carlé defeated Japan’s Yuki Naito 6-4, 6-2 after 1 hour 46 minutes of play in the first round of the ITF W60k tournament in Charlottesville. The 162nd in the world ranking will meet Ukraine’s Julia Starodubtseva.

Lourdes Carle He is the best Argentinian player in the ranking, climbing the stairs little by little and dreaming of the Top 100. Last season, he became the champion of the series. Pelhan ITF W60k. In addition, he reached the semi-finals in Santo Domingo, Sarasota, Biarritz, Montpellier, Prague and Buenos Aires WTA 125k. The year 2023 started with losses Australian Open and in Calieighth Orlandodrop in Meridaeighth Austinsemi-finals in mouth mouseand farewell followed When he stops, Bogotá y Charleston.

Yuki Naito He is a 22-year-old Japanese tennis player who was at his best in 2021 and now wants to continue that winning streak. In 2022, he could not win titles, despite playing in the finals of the year Manacor, Canberra and Splitwhen he reached the semi-finals Austin. two losses in Canberra and in quality Australian Open they started 2023 and then finished eighth Macon plays tricks on itdrop in Canberra 2eighth Canberra 3losses in Osaka and another wheel in Zephyrhills. In Charlottesville exceeded Christina Rosca and Cadence Brace to pass the ranking.

He found the fly and took the win

Lourdes Carle and Yuki Naito They met in the first round Charlottesville ITF W60k.

The start of the game was dominated by the Japanese, who found quick answers as he returned to break and win. However, Lourdes got into the match, unleashed her punches and found ways to unsettle her rival. Counter-attacking and bringing a lot of balls, the Argentine caught two breaks in a row to get back on track. Naito, on the other hand, held a few games and tried to press, but Carlé already controlled the match and went ahead. 6-4 in 58 minutes.

Fully fired up and with solid tennis from the bottom of the court, Deroense quickly got a break in the second set to command the win. Not much happened afterwards as both of them kept, games without much development and almost without a fight. Although Yuki took advantage of the situation to look for a recovery at the end, Carlé gave him no chance, he broke again at 0 and advanced 6-4, 6-2 after 1h46min.

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