Camila Giorgi On False Vaccination Issue: &Quot;It'S Not My Problem&Quot;

Camila Giorgi on the issue of false vaccination: «It’s not my problem»

camila george qualified for the second round of the Australian Open 2023. The Italian tennis player defeated Russian Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in straight sets, with a final score of 6-0 6-1, in less than an hour of play.

However, in the post-match press conference, Camila spoke not only about the match, but also about the latest vaccine related researchwith Camila’s doctor who is being investigated in Italy for alleged false vaccines.

About her first round match, Camila opened up about her victory and about her tennis. She said: «I think it was a great match. I had a good match and had a great feeling. I’m very happy to be back here in Australia.»

Camila Giorgi on the issue of false vaccination: «It’s not my problem»

They could not miss the questions on the subject of vaccination with Giorgi who faced the first challenge after the controversies of recent weeks in Italy.

However, the Italian tennis player has sent clear and forceful messages, clarifying once and for all. She explained: “In Italy they made reports about my vaccination status, but they did it before knowing the situation.

The doctor was investigated and had problems with the law. For my part, I have had all possible vaccinations in different places, it is the doctor’s problem, not mine. So I’m very calm with this situation. If it hadn’t been like that, I wouldn’t have been able to come here to Australia to play, at least I think so.

I am not in any danger and I have no problem to defend. I did everything the Australian government asked me to do. I didn’t know the doctor’s background, she has more than 300 people with whom she has collaborated, but I got a vaccine with her and then I had others with other doctors.

Again, that’s your problem, not mine.» The journalists then continued to repeat the question several times: Camila seemed a bit annoyed but answered everyone and clarified.

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